Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ew, you have white stains on your skirt.

Anna's daily eating:

1/2 cup of soy bean milk (she spilled the rest on herself)
3 bites of sandwich

smushed kitkat that she stole from the office
the rest of the sandwich

1/4 bowl of noodle
several dried fruits
two cheetos

Rice with egg and meat

When I came home from work, Anna filled me in on her daily eating. Apparently for breaksfast, she was running late so she brought a cup of soybean milk to drink on the ride to school. Upon exiting the car, she had some difficult getting out without tilting the cup while holding on to her textbooks and heavy bookbag. After the car speed away, she pulled an Anna.

An Anna: an action that is so idiotic that is almost impossible to achieve in real life.

Anna somehow managed to pour half the cup of soy bean milk all over herself. No, this was not in the bumpy car ride. Nor was this upon exiting the complicated car door with a whole bunch of crrap. Instead, this happened when she was in the clear, from all danger, except herself apparently. What makes this even more of an Anna was that she didn't realize that her soy bean milk left a huge white stain on the side of her dress until 4th period.

I was laughing at this point of the story and was like "Ew Anna. What would people think?"

Anna replied, " Oh they probably think: ew anna ate a big sandwich and squirted mayo on herself".

And taht is probably true.

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