Sunday, January 13, 2008

Interview with a Veggie-pire

As an American-born Chinese teenager growing up in Center City, I had sampled almost everything and eaten nearly every animal known to walk on land. Beef,chicken, pork and fish are served every night on our dining room table. Strange animals had been boiled down in soups. I have eaten things that normal people wouldn't even think of eating... snakes, dogs, pigeons, jelly fishes, sea horses. Yup. Strange right? Not for me.

What is strange is the lack of eating an animal for a day. That is why I found my friend, Clare ( tall white Irish vegetarian for short) strange... in a good way of course. Therefore I decided to interview her via IM (thank god for technology) to see her point of view.

Me (aka Anna's starving sister): So, Clare, what is your reason for becoming a vegetarian in the first place?
Tall White Irish Vegetarian: Well, in my freshman year, this girl was talking to me about KFC and how they were really mean to their chickens. So at first I just didn't eat KFC, then after awhile I decided to just beome a full fledged vegetarian because I didn't like to think about how the animals were treated. I figured it wouldn't be too hard since I didn't eat a lot of meat anyway.

Me: So what do you eat?
TWIV: I love any form of potato. I could live off of them. I love junk food, chips, cheese, ice cream, water ice, pizza, candy, and lots of other things I can't think of. Oh, and I love ranch dressing on basically anything! And french fries!

Me: Does it upset you when your friends aka Anna the eatasarous eat meat?
TWIV: It doesn't bother me when people eat meat. Being a vegetarian is my choice and it shouldn't affect other people.

Me: Have you consider being a vegan?
TWIV: I could NEVER be a vegan. It would be too hard for me, I love dairy too much. Plus, my parents and my doctor would be even more worried about my protein intake

Me: Do you still eat fish and seafood?
TWIV: No, only cause I don't like it. Well, mostly cause I don't like it, but I feel bad for them too.
Me: Shrimp including?
TWIV: Ewwws! I've never tried it
Me: ... you have never eaten shrimp?!
TWIV: Nope.
Me: ...weird.
TWIV: Not as weird as your face!
Me: uh..

Me: Is it hard eating out when you are a vegetarian?
TWIV: Usually there's at least one meal that's vegetarian in most restaurants. It's annoying if there's not much of a choice, but I've got to say a lot of restaurants are good about it

Me: How does being friends with Anna the Asian eating machine affect you and your food?
TWIV: It's cool cause I eat a lot too. So when we go to restaurants, it's fun to order alot of food and eat it all together!

Me: Have you ever seen her eating and thought "Oh god, this beast is gonna eat all of america. I must shoot her now to save the world!"?
TWIV:, I actually have not. Though, I can't judge her when I eat at least as much as her!

A big thank you for Clare the Veggie-monster for giving her time and sanity to answer my question. Also, a big applause goes to her too for being able to look sexy while eating a raw potato!

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