Sunday, January 13, 2008

The first day.

My lovely sister ate:

1 bowl of beef noodle that my cousin cooked. (i thought it was too garlicky but she [anna] likes it. Just because she can't smell her breath doesnt mean that no one else can)

several Mint M&Ms (which doesnt really help her breath)

Hershey Kiss Trios (which she hid in my closet yet proceed to eat them, its not in my closet anymore either...)

Seaweed crackers (she may have finished the bag because I can't find it anywhere. Yikes. Sorry, wasn't her. She had several crackers and feed the rest to my other sister in her cage)

Bowl of rice with various meat and veggies

Lemon Tea (with very bad aftertaste that she couldn't detect)

1/2 a bottle of Pepsi (which she opened yesterday)

-it was a slow day today. give her time.

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