Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stressful Sister = More Leftover for Hungry Anna

After school today, Rob picked me up and drove me to Longhorn Steakhouse for an early dinner.

He ordered:
cheese fries
czr salad
surf & turf
and an lobster tail

I ordered:
garden salad
steak & crab

I decided to bring anna home a doggie bag of my leftovers. So Rob was making fun of me the entire time by declaring everything I left on my plate "saved for anna". Such as two cubes of tomato, one brunt fry, a dollap of butter etc etc. However, lucky for Anna, as soon as my entree came out, I recieved a phone calling from my parents commanding me to come home and translate an emergency. I was too stressed to eat, so I boxed everything up (including a few pieces of Rob's shrimp and lobster). This litte ingrate complained that my steak (medium well) was too bloody for her. She apparently have no taste buds along with smell... buds, and likes her steak chewy and brunt. She liked everything else though and finished and licked the box.

I kid.
She ate it all gracefully with her pinkie in the air.

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